In the subject line, please put the name of the book, or subject matter such as "author visit," or "permission." This will help prevent it from going to my spam files.
Thank you for reading my books. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Like all authors, I love receiving fan letters from readers. For a faster reply to your letter, please follow
the instructions below.

PLEASE include an envelope with your address on it and correct return postage. This is called an SASE
(self-addressed-stamped envelope). If you need help, please ask an adult to show you how do to this.
Allow a few weeks for me to reply since I am often out of town on speaking engagements.


If several students write fan letters, please put ALL OF THEM in one large envelope with a cover letter that
includes your name, e-mail, grade level and the school's address. I will write one letter back to the entire class,
answering all the individual questions asked. PLEASE, include an SASE.


Please contact the author by e-mail for the correct mailing address. In subject line, please write "Need Mailing Address" 

Note: The P.O. Box listed on the old website is no longer active.
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